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We would like you to not just admire and feel the warmth of the authentic Afghan and Persian atmosphere and design, but where you can relax and enjoy the combination of both cuisines. The staff and management make it their priority to ensure that customers receive excellent service and are served with meals of highest quality in presentation, refinement and taste.


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Eastern folk used to say that “herbs and spices do the work and trick while the lady of the house takes all the credit”. However, here at Zaytoon we strongly believe in team work to produce outstanding results and that’s why our kitchen staff and chef put their good experiences and skills together to combine with exact timing of when and how much quantity of finely selected herbs and spices to use in each recipe to enhance and balance the achievement of delicious and tantalizing meals.

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As we mentioned that timing and precision is of vital importance, this is the case with our most and must dish, Rice. A great deal of care and attention is given to the precise moment , not a moment sooner or later, of straining the rice and putting it to steam and adding the balanced amount of saffron and special ingredients to give it that exquisite taste and aroma that we are well known for.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal and we look forward to being at your service time and time again in the near future.

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